Live from Israel via Skype
Studying God's Word together
Ruth Fazal & Gil Pentzak

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We host weekly Torah Bible Study sessions


Join us for 
our ongoing weekly NOW Online
 Study God’s Word with us
 from a Jewish perspective

Sign up now for an online 6 Week interactive study session via Skype. (Each session is one hour)

WEEKLY TORAH STUDY  First 5 books of the Bible

Sundays 15:00 Israel Time
  13:00 UK  08:00 EST   07:00CST

Wednesdays  22.00 Israel Time
 20:00 UK  15:00 EST 14:00 CST

COST 6 week session
 400 shekels per person (approx $20 per person per week) 520 shekels for 2 sharing a computer (approx. $12 per person per week)  

You can pay in US dollars. 

Can’t be sure to make all the sessions?   Don't worry! We record each session and send the audio file to you immediately following.

For information on how to sign up, or to try one free session, please write to us at