No Ordinary Week in Jerusalem 2021

An in-depth week for Christians who love Israel and are ready to learn and understand more. Christian and Orthodox Jew walking alongside one another. Conversation, worship, studying God’s Word, meeting local Israelis



Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa

"It's not a's a journey!"
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The 'NOW in Jerusalem' trip that we went on three years ago changed us forever. I wanted to see the walls and gates around the Old City as I’m writing a book about Nehemiah 3. My husband was exhausted from a heavy work schedule. We had no idea what the trip would be like, but we knew that we didn’t want the typical tourist trip. "No Ordinary Week in Jerusalem" more than filled the bill. It was indeed NO ORDINARY WEEK!
Between Gil and Ruth we got incredible Old Testament and New Testament perspective. We had guests come to speak to the group, who were up-front-and-personal; very important people who filled us with wonder. Our week included beautiful, simple worship – Ruth on keyboard and violin, Gil on guitar and drum -  both during our sessions together, and at some of the out of the way places that we visited. We learned songs in Hebrew as well as familiar worship songs. What an honour! 
Our favourite day was the trip to Samaria, and to the Jewish Settlement, Itamar. Incredible! We will never be the same! 

If you are thinking of going to Israel, this is the way to go! Pastor Michelle and Ian Sim, Canada

This was my first trip to Israel and I loved the caption on the front of the notebook we were handed at registration ‘May we find Him in every step of our journey together’ 

This is what Now is all about - Jew and Christian walking, talking, learning, laughing, worshipping together. Amazing experience!  So to all who read this, don’t hesitate - just go! 

Being on the NOW week in Nov 2015, was like being in the place of Father God's delight, rich with His presence, aligned with His purpose. Actually tasting what it is to live in His rest. And it doesn't just remain as a memory, but something was imparted that enriches my life even now. I love being a part of the NOW family. God is doing something amazing in our time. Thankyou Ruth and Gil. 
Love from Christine

As I think was true of all the participants, we came with prepared hearts, a love for Israel and for the Jewish people.  What was new for me was to learn that Judaism is really about having a loving relationship with God, and not just about keeping the Law. Our approaches to the Bible are not always the same, but there are so many similarities. The new ideas I found were so valuable to my understanding of God's heart. The trips to various places also introduced us to so many aspects of what is happening in Israel, and to creative people filled with hearts of love for the land. The time spent over Shabbat with Gil's family was very special, seeing the children and parents, their love as a family, keeping all the traditions, and the children learning about their spiritual inheritance by taking part in it. Worship times together were central, as they should be, and these were so very well led by Ruth and Gil  Love, Janet

“NOW in Jerusalem” weeks have been so much fun, and have changed my heart in so many ways. Sharing worship, Bible study, meeting Jewish friends, and actually visiting so many of the beautiful places mentioned in the Bible are just few reasons why I have come on a 'No Ordinary Week in Jerusalem' several times. Robin

I was privileged to have the opportunity to visit Israel for a NOW Week for the 2nd time in the fall of 2015. I was totally unprepared for the beauty of this trip.  On my first visit I saw all the physical sites and obtained a deeper perspective on the Bible. But, my 2nd trip with Ruth and Gil was a trip into the heart of God and His love for His people, both Jew and Gentile.  Between the teachings from Gil, the music from Ruth, and the testimonies from so many guests, my heart was full to overflowing. I recommend this NOW in Jerusalem trip to everyone that will listen to me. One of the sites on the 3 day extension trip still haunts me, The Fountain of Tears is a must see!!
I have also been taking part in the NOW ONLINE weekly classes lead by Gil and Ruth for almost 3 consecutive years! What a blessing!! Love, Donna