Meet Gil and Ruth

"These two have put together something to remember..."

Through worship, conversation, and learning together, Ruth Fazal and Gil Pentzak offer a very unique experience of Israel, as Christian and Orthodox Jew. Zion Now provides the opportunity for Christians to discover the rich heritage of their faith from a Jewish perspective

Gil reading names

Gil Pentzak - Native Israeli, Orthodox Jew, Linguist and Hebrew teacher

Gil Pentzak - Orthodox Jew, Native Israeli, Linguist and Hebrew teacher

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Ruth Fazal - British-Canadian, Christian, Violinist, Worship Leader and Composer

Ruth Fazal - Christian, British-Canadian, Violinist, Worship Leader and Composer

What we do ...

We invite you to share in our journey and make it your own. Join us together In Israel, for an experience like no other. Or invite us to come to your own country, or meet with us weekly online to study God's Word together. Feel God's 'smile' as we worship together in song. Go deep into His Word as we study together from a Jewish perspective. You can visit us in Israel and discover the Land, the People and the Torah. It is a three-stranded cord that ties everything together, and ultimately binds us together as we come before Him as Jew and Gentile. Contact us at We are also very happy to travel to meet you in your own country and share the journey with you there. READ MORE